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Ship Toàn quốc Music show in Hanoi

Thảo luận trong 'Điện thoại Android' bắt đầu bởi phungngoc, 19/9/18.

    1. Vị trí người bán:

      Nam Định
    2. Trạng thái:

      Hàng Cũ
    3. Giá:

    4. Số điện thoại:

    5. Địa chỉ:

      Ninh Bình
    6. Thông tin:

      19/9/18, 0 Trả lời, 164 Đọc
  1. phungngoc

    phungngoc New Member Thành viên

    Diễn đàn rao vặt miễn phí: There’s news that great for anyone wanting to go to learn about Vietnamese folk music. In Vietnam, Vietnamese folk music is an invaluable cultural asset, is constantly enriched through time, labor, production, and the love of nature and humanity. Preserving, developing and promoting the cultural quintessence is the responsibility of all Vietnamese people who love their country. The Heritage Show is the place where all the artist gather to spread the value of Vietnamese folk music. The Heritage Show Vietnam is the result of great efforts of a group of Vietnamese artists, journalists and folk music researchers who wish to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese culture to visitors at home and abroad.

    The Heritage Show Vietnam is the first show in Hanoi about Vietnamese folk music with the participation of talented artists who have delivered performances at international music festivals that have been recognized by the UNESCO as intangible cultural heritages of humanity. In there, including “Ca tru”, “Quan ho” and nearly 20 folk musical instruments made from typical bamboo of Vietnamese countryside. The show recreates the daily life of Vietnamese people in the Northern Delta countryside in 90s.

    The Heritage Show Vietnam consists of seven sections that connect seamlessly with each other, introducing the living and working life of the people of Vietnam in the Northern Delta. The beginning is early in the morning, followed by the rural market, the day of the season, the summer noon, the labor village life, the girls shampoo, the moon bath and finally the village.

    The Heritage Vietnam show at the Ho Chi Minh Museum, in a space filled with traditional culture, contains the values and ideas of Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of the nation, the cultural celebrity gender is a very good intentions to practically preserve and preserve the national culture.

    The Heritage Show is must see Music show in Hanoi.

    Visit website to see more information.

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